Seminole Soccer Club


This club have been serving the youth soccer community of Seminole County which is situated about 15 miles north of downtown Orlando, Florida. Most of the young soccer players come from nearby Sanford, Longwood, lake Mary and Altamonte Springs.

With a membership of around 1,500 players, ranging in age from U6 to U19 playing both at recreational and select levels. The Seminole Soccer Club is rated among the leaders for their exceptional U8 and younger programs and introducing small sided games.

The Bill Heard Soccer Complex consisting of a 12 fields on 40 acres of land devoted as a soccer only facility. This makes it one of the largest privately owned soccer sites in the South Eastern United States. Receiving no government funding to maintain the facility it is classified as a non-profit organization. Funding is obtained from generous donations and fund raising efforts by parents and volunteers.

An open letter addressed to all players, parents and coaches involved in the Florida Soccer Alliance/Seminole Soccer Club.

Welcome and a warm word of thanks to both the families already involved in our activities and the new family members tat joined us recently.

As you all know our club is 90% a volunteer organization and as such we depend on our members for support, encouragement and participation in the upcoming events. This club belong to its members, players and their families.

Our team consisting of two full time Directors of Coaching, Andy Ashworth and Kim Montgomery, two part time office staff members, Tanya Neidert and Sue McCarthy, and Bill  Eissele, a volunteer Director of Coaching, are all working at full capacity to maintain the mission of the club. The mission is to create a fun environment for players and spectators alike. In this environment we develop the players into becoming proficient in the game they love. The staff members and coaches gives them age appropriate training and coaching.

The club have a volunteer board consisting of 12 members to ensure that the visions and mission of the club is followed. This is thus the responsibility of club members and the staff. There are times when the objects are not achieved and could be due to lack of suitable volunteers, lack of enthusiastic support from the members or even judgement errors made by the staff members. It is a huge undertaking to ensure that the 800 plus family members are aware and responsive to the needs of the Seminole Soccer Club. It is always that a positive environment is created for the young players at all times. Are we always successful, no, the game of soccer is evolving and so is the club.

How can this problem be solved? The players must learn the rules of soccer, not for the reward of winning a game, but for the game itself. We all know that soccer is the most creative game on earth. The eventual rewards available in soccer is fantastic, players get huge financial rewards and public respect.

Parents can do their part in three simple ways. They must allow their kids the opportunity to have fun while playing a match and give them as much support as possible. The coaches will assist them in the art of the game. Parents must support and encourage the coaches for their efforts. In the unlikely event of disagreeing it should be handled with care and in private. Lastly, parents must get involved in club affairs to make it succeed. Become volunteers in the activities and assist in raising funds to keep the club in a good state.

The coaches, must remember that the games are there for the children. They must train them in a way appropriate to their age while still having fun and grow in the game.

This letter is asking for all to support and make this club the best in Florida. We thank you for all past assistance.



Eliminating Pests on The Soccer Field

Soccer FieldPeople enjoy going to sporting events. It does not matter whether they are players on the field or spectators in the stands. It is exciting and enjoyable in most every way. However, there is one problem that many people have. It is something that can put a damper on the day for everyone and is the main reason a lot of people opt to stay home. It is the pests that can sometimes plague the field and the stands. Since no one wants to stay home, eliminating pests on the soccer field takes top priority for most venues.

How Pests are Removed

There are several things that a recreational field may try in an effort to lessen the insect population around them. They may include foggers and sprays. Powders and other things. All of these things are effective ways to get rid of pests for the length of time that it takes to play a game. It can make both players and the people who are there to watch a lot more comfortable. However, it is a temporary fix and some people are not sure it is a safe way to eliminate bugs. Therefore, many arenas have decided to explore what more they can do.

Are Pest Control Methods Safe?

Foggers and sprays are considered safe in a lot of places. The downside is that it is a chemical that is being sprayed on the field where players will be spending a couple hours. This exposure to a lot of chemicals over a long period of time could cause health concerns eventually. It may not happen in a game or ten, but after a lifetime of playing sports, it could begin to cause issues. For this reason, a lot of arena owners have begun looking at mosquito trap reviews. These traps are designed to provide relief from mosquitoes and other biting insects over a period of time, without chemicals. They work by lessening the insect population and by killing them out so that eventually chemicals sprayed around the field will not be necessary.

Does This Mean You Can Go Have Fun?

Most people will be happy that they can go watch a game or play in it without worry of insects swarming them when they are having fun. They will enjoy knowing that when they shout from the stands or talk to teammates about the next play, they do not have to worry about insects trying to get in on the conversations. There are people who may still want the chemicals because it will get the stray mosquitoes and gnats away from them, and those people are more than welcome to pack repellent along with their sunblock. In general, though, the efforts of the recreational fields will make it so that you can worry less about the bugs and everything else that may plague you. It means you can have a great time and never again worry about the ever-growing insect population. Does that make game day more fun for you and your family?

A Soccer Mom’s Ultimate Cooler

I am one of many “soccer moms.” We are the ones that created the mini-van style of living. We are the carpoolers and the mom’s you see driving along will a van full of children. We hop out of our minis sporting our child’s team and we stand on the sidelines watching the action, sometimes yelling our support and other times telling a child the next play will be better. What you may not realize is that we are a competitive group of moms. We all strive to look as cool as possible in our mini-vans. They have to be a cool color when we buy them and our coolers have to be some of the best available. Do you know what a soccer mom’s ultimate cooler may be?

Our Ultimate Cooler Choices

There are many coolers on the market. Some of us prefer one over the other because of color, style, or price. Regardless of which one we own, we will all tell you that ours is the best, much the same as our kids are always the best on our team. That is why when it came time for me to purchase a new, upgraded cooler, I did my research. I looked up review after review to find the perfect one. I looked for the best soft sided cooler available. I wasn’t going to be the one settling for second best. The reviews were very helpful and eventually, I did find the right one for me.

Choosing the Right Cooler

Yeti SandwichIf you have never searched high and low to discover which cooler could be best, you haven’t lived. Once you rule out the rock-bottom priced ones, because they do not provide you with enough ice retention to last a game in the middle of summertime, you are stuck trying to decide, which is best out of the higher-end coolers. This lead me to search for Pelican vs. Yeti. The two are comparable in many ways, but at the same time, they are very different. The hardest part to get used to is the fact that the “coolness factor” does require you to spend a little money. It is worth it though. I’ll be the coolest mom climbing out of my mini-van this year.

Why the Best Cooler Matters So Much?

Mini Van MomMy son may not get the importance of my cooler choice. I’m quite certain his father isn’t really sure of it either, even though he loves Pelican and Yeti style coolers. He is an avid outdoorsman, but I’ve told him this cooler is mine and for use on game day. Just think about it, when your team is out there on the field and it is super-hot outside, they know they can come to me for their ice cold pouch drinks. I reserve the soda for myself. Occasionally, one of them will bring a special sports drink along and I always have plenty of room to put it in the cooler. Even a game that runs longer than planned can still have a cold drink at the end of it. My son probably thinks you can get that from any cooler. I know better than he does and all other opposing team moms envy me. Therefore, I am happy.

Aquatic Rehab for Our Soccer Injuries

SoccerKickWhen it comes to extreme sports, most people picture things that can cause massive and sometimes fatal injuries. However, as a soccer player, I can tell you that not all extreme sports have to be life risking tricks and stunts. Our team and others like us, all have a lot of battle wounds each season and even though we aren’t risking life and limb on the field, we are still in jeopardy of our own brand of injuries that can make it impossible to play the sport we love.

The Name of the Game

Kneee BraceAny sport that a person plays can cause injuries. The severity of the injury depends on what type sport you are playing and what exactly goes wrong at that one moment when the game turns into something that isn’t much fun. Each player on our team was warned before they began playing that they were risking injuries to the legs. Every player accepted that risk and none of us have managed to escape a full season without either a leg, knee, or ankle injury. However, because we love the sport of soccer playing, we all are willing to feel a little pain sometimes. It is just part of the game. Part of defending the ball well and scoring all the goals that we can.

Coping with Injuries

Instead of giving up after a bad game that injures some part of our body, we have learned how to work out to regain the strength in our injured muscles. It is something that we also do before an injury takes place to try and prevent an injury from occurring in the first place. We practice with a low impact workout and then use aquatic therapy to help us heal after a sprain or a strain. It helps us deal with pulled muscles and weakened tendons.

How We Heal Faster than Other Teams

AquaticExerciseSince we use aquatic therapy before, during, and after an injury, we often heal up faster than other teams that go against us during a season. When asked what our secret is, we talk to them about the fact that we have a great pool to work out in. Their first response is usually curiosity about the type of workouts we do to heal a specific injury. Once that curiosity is satisfied, they usually get onto the topic of how hard a pool is to maintain. Once that comes up, we tell them that thanks to our above ground pool vacuum, we have very little trouble keeping it sparkling clean and always ready for us to get into. This statement is usually met with disbelief, but of the few teams we invited back to our place, their disbelief is soon replaced with awe and questions about whether they can take a dip or not.

Some opposing teams have opted to join us in our aquatic therapy idea. They set up their own pools and ask us what type of chemicals we use. We do not mind sharing what we know. We figure the more injuries those players have, the less gameplay we will get and none of us want to sacrifice playing soccer.

The Ultimate Soccer Mom

Do you spend your days living your life for your family? Encouraging your children to be the best that they can be during their many afterschool activities? Perhaps the term, “soccer mom” is one that you embrace wholeheartedly or maybe you blow it off as just something you do. Either way, there is a new and better way to achieve the status of being the ultimate soccer mom, whether you call yourself by that title or not.


The term soccer mom is a relatively new term. It was first used in 1995 when Susan B. Casey was running for a spot within the Denver city council elections. Mrs. Casey was at that time the ideal image of “soccer mom” because of her PhD and the fact that she had managed presidential election campaigns while still being a loving mom to her children. She used it as a way to say that smart women who were always on the go within their career could still be everything she needed to be for her family. It worked, and she won the election with 51% of people voting for her and by 1996, the term was everywhere.

SoccerMomNow, the picture that comes to mind when someone says, “soccer mom” is a middle class woman who lives in a suburban area. She is often pictured driving around in her minivan hauling a van load of school aged children wherever they need to go, especially to their soccer games. This woman is not commonly seen as sexy, nor is she mentally pictured as awesome. In fact, more often than not, she is seen as a nerdy type woman in dress pants and button up shirt, with glasses on her nose, and no makeup.

What most people do not realize is that a soccer mom can be totally different. They can be cool, they can be confident, and sexy. They can do it all. Perhaps it is time to update the old ideas of what a “soccer mom” should be.


A new, more modern soccer mom is a woman who has it all. Instead of a minivan, she would most likely be driving around in an SUV. She could be sporting her jeans and tee-shirt or she could be wearing a dress that she feels good about wearing. She could be a working class woman or a stay-at-home mom with the brains and the strength to handle anything life throws her way.

This woman may also have children that are not simply school aged kids going to soccer games. Her children could be teens or newborns. Women are staying active even with their littlest child in tow nowadays thanks to the invention of baby carriers. All you have to do is read through the baby carrier reviews and you will find a lot of women who spend their days enjoying all that life has to give to them, including being the new and improved soccer mom and they are gaining more respect by doing so.


The new age of soccer mom is upon us. You can see it every time you check out a new style of baby carrier. Baby carriers are no longer bulky items that weigh moms down. They are now more of an accessory to the soccer mom’s wardrobe. A woman can put them on while wearing her jeans and tee-shirts and look very stylish or she can wear her baby in an Infantino Sash Mei Tai baby carrier and look great in a summer dress while hanging out watching her older child play soccer.

The idea is that moms can have fun as well. They can be trendy instead of nerdy and it can show in everything they wear, even if it is a newborn baby. Are you ready to ditch the negative ideas of what it means to be a soccer mom and step into the future by becoming the ultimate soccer mom with her very trendy new baby carrier?