Month: April 2015

The Ultimate Soccer Mom

Do you spend your days living your life for your family? Encouraging your children to be the best that they can be during their many afterschool activities? Perhaps the term, “soccer mom” is one that you embrace wholeheartedly or maybe you blow it off as just something you do. Either way, there is a new and better way to achieve the status of being the ultimate soccer mom, whether you call yourself by that title or not.


The term soccer mom is a relatively new term. It was first used in 1995 when Susan B. Casey was running for a spot within the Denver city council elections. Mrs. Casey was at that time the ideal image of “soccer mom” because of her PhD and the fact that she had managed presidential election campaigns while still being a loving mom to her children. She used it as a way to say that smart women who were always on the go within their career could still be everything she needed to be for her family. It worked, and she won the election with 51% of people voting for her and by 1996, the term was everywhere.

SoccerMomNow, the picture that comes to mind when someone says, “soccer mom” is a middle class woman who lives in a suburban area. She is often pictured driving around in her minivan hauling a van load of school aged children wherever they need to go, especially to their soccer games. This woman is not commonly seen as sexy, nor is she mentally pictured as awesome. In fact, more often than not, she is seen as a nerdy type woman in dress pants and button up shirt, with glasses on her nose, and no makeup.

What most people do not realize is that a soccer mom can be totally different. They can be cool, they can be confident, and sexy. They can do it all. Perhaps it is time to update the old ideas of what a “soccer mom” should be.


A new, more modern soccer mom is a woman who has it all. Instead of a minivan, she would most likely be driving around in an SUV. She could be sporting her jeans and tee-shirt or she could be wearing a dress that she feels good about wearing. She could be a working class woman or a stay-at-home mom with the brains and the strength to handle anything life throws her way.

This woman may also have children that are not simply school aged kids going to soccer games. Her children could be teens or newborns. Women are staying active even with their littlest child in tow nowadays thanks to the invention of baby carriers. All you have to do is read through the baby carrier reviews and you will find a lot of women who spend their days enjoying all that life has to give to them, including being the new and improved soccer mom and they are gaining more respect by doing so.


The new age of soccer mom is upon us. You can see it every time you check out a new style of baby carrier. Baby carriers are no longer bulky items that weigh moms down. They are now more of an accessory to the soccer mom’s wardrobe. A woman can put them on while wearing her jeans and tee-shirts and look very stylish or she can wear her baby in an Infantino Sash Mei Tai baby carrier and look great in a summer dress while hanging out watching her older child play soccer.

The idea is that moms can have fun as well. They can be trendy instead of nerdy and it can show in everything they wear, even if it is a newborn baby. Are you ready to ditch the negative ideas of what it means to be a soccer mom and step into the future by becoming the ultimate soccer mom with her very trendy new baby carrier?