Seminole Soccer Club


This club have been serving the youth soccer community of Seminole County which is situated about 15 miles north of downtown Orlando, Florida. Most of the young soccer players come from nearby Sanford, Longwood, lake Mary and Altamonte Springs.

With a membership of around 1,500 players, ranging in age from U6 to U19 playing both at recreational and select levels. The Seminole Soccer Club is rated among the leaders for their exceptional U8 and younger programs and introducing small sided games.

The Bill Heard Soccer Complex consisting of a 12 fields on 40 acres of land devoted as a soccer only facility. This makes it one of the largest privately owned soccer sites in the South Eastern United States. Receiving no government funding to maintain the facility it is classified as a non-profit organization. Funding is obtained from generous donations and fund raising efforts by parents and volunteers.

An open letter addressed to all players, parents and coaches involved in the Florida Soccer Alliance/Seminole Soccer Club.

Welcome and a warm word of thanks to both the families already involved in our activities and the new family members tat joined us recently.

As you all know our club is 90% a volunteer organization and as such we depend on our members for support, encouragement and participation in the upcoming events. This club belong to its members, players and their families.

Our team consisting of two full time Directors of Coaching, Andy Ashworth and Kim Montgomery, two part time office staff members, Tanya Neidert and Sue McCarthy, and Bill  Eissele, a volunteer Director of Coaching, are all working at full capacity to maintain the mission of the club. The mission is to create a fun environment for players and spectators alike. In this environment we develop the players into becoming proficient in the game they love. The staff members and coaches gives them age appropriate training and coaching.

The club have a volunteer board consisting of 12 members to ensure that the visions and mission of the club is followed. This is thus the responsibility of club members and the staff. There are times when the objects are not achieved and could be due to lack of suitable volunteers, lack of enthusiastic support from the members or even judgement errors made by the staff members. It is a huge undertaking to ensure that the 800 plus family members are aware and responsive to the needs of the Seminole Soccer Club. It is always that a positive environment is created for the young players at all times. Are we always successful, no, the game of soccer is evolving and so is the club.

How can this problem be solved? The players must learn the rules of soccer, not for the reward of winning a game, but for the game itself. We all know that soccer is the most creative game on earth. The eventual rewards available in soccer is fantastic, players get huge financial rewards and public respect.

Parents can do their part in three simple ways. They must allow their kids the opportunity to have fun while playing a match and give them as much support as possible. The coaches will assist them in the art of the game. Parents must support and encourage the coaches for their efforts. In the unlikely event of disagreeing it should be handled with care and in private. Lastly, parents must get involved in club affairs to make it succeed. Become volunteers in the activities and assist in raising funds to keep the club in a good state.

The coaches, must remember that the games are there for the children. They must train them in a way appropriate to their age while still having fun and grow in the game.

This letter is asking for all to support and make this club the best in Florida. We thank you for all past assistance.