Month: October 2017

Eliminating Pests on The Soccer Field

Soccer FieldPeople enjoy going to sporting events. It does not matter whether they are players on the field or spectators in the stands. It is exciting and enjoyable in most every way. However, there is one problem that many people have. It is something that can put a damper on the day for everyone and is the main reason a lot of people opt to stay home. It is the pests that can sometimes plague the field and the stands. Since no one wants to stay home, eliminating pests on the soccer field takes top priority for most venues.

How Pests are Removed

There are several things that a recreational field may try in an effort to lessen the insect population around them. They may include foggers and sprays. Powders and other things. All of these things are effective ways to get rid of pests for the length of time that it takes to play a game. It can make both players and the people who are there to watch a lot more comfortable. However, it is a temporary fix and some people are not sure it is a safe way to eliminate bugs. Therefore, many arenas have decided to explore what more they can do.

Are Pest Control Methods Safe?

Foggers and sprays are considered safe in a lot of places. The downside is that it is a chemical that is being sprayed on the field where players will be spending a couple hours. This exposure to a lot of chemicals over a long period of time could cause health concerns eventually. It may not happen in a game or ten, but after a lifetime of playing sports, it could begin to cause issues. For this reason, a lot of arena owners have begun looking at mosquito trap reviews. These traps are designed to provide relief from mosquitoes and other biting insects over a period of time, without chemicals. They work by lessening the insect population and by killing them out so that eventually chemicals sprayed around the field will not be necessary.

Does This Mean You Can Go Have Fun?

Most people will be happy that they can go watch a game or play in it without worry of insects swarming them when they are having fun. They will enjoy knowing that when they shout from the stands or talk to teammates about the next play, they do not have to worry about insects trying to get in on the conversations. There are people who may still want the chemicals because it will get the stray mosquitoes and gnats away from them, and those people are more than welcome to pack repellent along with their sunblock. In general, though, the efforts of the recreational fields will make it so that you can worry less about the bugs and everything else that may plague you. It means you can have a great time and never again worry about the ever-growing insect population. Does that make game day more fun for you and your family?